Stevenson, Washington

Make tracks to Washington's side of the gorge.
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Trekking? Or just strolling? Stevenson, WA is your launch pad to hundreds of hikes. What makes the area special isn't just the number of hikes, but the wide variety. Just about anyone can amble down the family-friendly trails, looping through woods and wildflowers around Skamania Lodge. Those with more stamina and experience won't want to miss Beacon Rock. Any huffing and puffing will be validated when you reach the top of the 848 ft. extinct volcano core with a stunning vista of the Columbia River Gorge. And if it's a real challenge you want, head for Dog Mountain. A 2,400 ft. elevation gain in just 3.5 miles will test your mettle.

Once you've stretched your legs, why not pamper them at one of the local hot springs or spas? Taking a soak doesn't cost much, and it's the perfect way to put the spring back in your step for the next hike.

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